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Would Yule Rather Dice Set

VENDOR: Demdaco


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The fun Would Yule Rather Dice Set is a great gift to bring along to any upcoming holiday gathering. This festive twist on the much loved "Would You Rather" game features three wooden dice with silly actions and sentiments written on each for hilarious moments of pure joy. A part of the Festive Fun Collection, this piece is part of a selection of rare and imaginative home goods, games and décor that are party ready. These rare pieces are ideal for breaking the ice, inspiring happiness and bringing about laughter among friends and family alike. This fun seasonal set will make for a wonderful present for any holiday host or hostess this season.

  • Material: wood composite
  • Size: 2"sq.
  • Example: Would you rather have dinner with... Santa who put you on the naughty list... or Ebenezer Scrooge on a unicycle; Red Dice: Would you rather bake Christmas cookies with, have dinner with, stand under mistletoe with, wear a sweater made for two with, share some cocoa with, take a long winter's nap with; White Dice: a certain grinch-y someone, an elf who as the flu, Santa who put you on the naughty list, polar bear that hasn't eaten in days, a snowman in a sauna, a family of Christmas mice; Green Dice: or a reindeer on your roof, or an angry yeti in the dark, or a penguin with a runny nose, or a moose that loves warm hugs, or a gingerbread man, or Ebenezer Scrooge on a unicycle.


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Would Yule Rather Dice Set

Would Yule Rather Dice Set