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The Carroll Neoprene Tote

VENDOR: Taylor Gray


Taylor Gray's story of inspiration for this bag: "Blush and burgundy please!  I am in love with this color combo with camo and I love my sweet, feisty friend Carroll.  She owns a local wine bar and together, we cuss like sailors. Carroll also went to Texas A&M, so clearly she is a fan of the burgundy/maroon.  She and I also share a special bond with our dads.  Her daddy is in heaven, but I am always willing to share mine. If you are ever in DFW and you want a glass of wine, the best spinach artichoke dip and witty banter from the best, hit up Poured Wine Bar and tell her I sent you!"

The internal neoprene has a smooth and streamline look that is complimented by the rubber Taylor Gray logo on the pocket. 


Dimensions: Tote...23 inches wide (side panels expanded) x 12 inches tall x 11 inches deep

Privacy pouch...8 inches wide x 5.5 inches tall x 1 inch deep

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The Carroll Neoprene Tote

The Carroll Neoprene Tote