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Soul Through The Seasons Necklace

VENDOR: Bryan Anthonys


In a world where nothing seems to remain the same, I will be someone that stays. I will be the heart by your side, a love without conditions — I will be your soul through the seasons. An infinite ray of warmth, I will love you through your coldest days. I will love both your roots and your changing leaves — the petals that have fallen and the flowers that have bloomed. I will sit with you in the dark and become a light you can always see — a constant amidst a thousand skies stretching across the canvas of time. And if the clouds were ever to blur your vision, I will remind you that your beauty is never hidden. Darling, I will love you through every season and I will stand beside you for all times

Designed by Bryan Anthonys
Base Material: Brass
Length: 18-20" adjustable
Pendant Dimensions: 11x 9 mm
Available Finishes: 14k Gold (nickel-free), Silver (nickel-free)

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Soul Through The Seasons Necklace

Soul Through The Seasons Necklace