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Scarecrow Mini Attachment

VENDOR: Happy Everything


There’s nothing scary about festive and functional home décor! Our Scarecrow Mini Attachment is a cute way to celebrate the changing seasons and stir up happy feelings. Whether you’re dressing up for a Halloween party, hosting a backyard bonfire, or celebrating the start of football season, the pursuit of happiness starts here.

At Happy Everything!, our team helps make happy happen. Our festive Scarecrow Mini Attachment includes adorable blue overalls with sewn patches, a hat with a sunflower accent, and a perfect shaggy straw hairstyle. Cover every part of planning for celebrations and entertaining this fall with our happy Scarecrow Mini Attachment.

  •  Ceramic, hook-and-loop
  •  4.5in W x 5.75in H
  •  n/a
  •  Wipe clean, do not use soap

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Scarecrow Mini Attachment

Scarecrow Mini Attachment