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Makeup Removing Towel with Hanging Loop & Suction Hook

VENDOR: Lemon Lavender


Clear the day away with just warm water!

Say goodbye to your makeup removing wipes & hello to this environmentally friendly, super soft, reusable cloth!

One of our favorite parts about this? It comes with a suction cup to hang in your bathroom! (or where ever you take your makeup off, no judgements here) No more fighting for room on the towel bar or knocking it off onto the floor (because it's the size of a washcloth and that always seems to happen)

  • No soap needed
  • To remove makeup: Soak cloth in warm water and gently wipe away makeup. Step back, and admire your stunning good looks! (Pro tip: for waterproof mascara, hold the cloth on your eye for about 5 seconds before wiping)
  • Care instructions: Machine wash in warm water. Tumble Dry. Reuse to your hearts content! (We recommend using the cloth in sections and washing about 1-2 times a week, depending on how much makeup you wear)
  • 85% Polyester ∙ 15% Nylon ∙ Non-chlorine bleach only when needed.

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Makeup Removing Towel with Hanging Loop & Suction Hook

Makeup Removing Towel with Hanging Loop & Suction Hook