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Faceplant Bamboo Frida Jogger Pants

VENDOR: Faceplant Dreams


Best. Joggers. Ever.

A sleek, yet cozy silhouette with soft non-binding elastic, drawstring waist, and scooped side pockets. The side slit at the cuff fits comfortably over the ankle. At home or on the go, they’re comfortable either way. Sustainably grown bamboo viscose is knitted together with classic cotton for an unbelievable mid-weight sweatshirt fabric you never dreamed could be so buttery soft. Natural odor resistance and moisture wicking means you don’t have to sweat in your new favorite sweats!

  • Soft non-binding elastic and drawstring waist, scooped side pockets and bottom cuffs with a side slit to fit comfortably over your ankles.
  • Perfect for snuggling at home but just as happy with a casual day out on the town.
  • Tight enough to look sleek but loose enough to feel cozy.
  • Care Instructions: Love your bamboo. Turn garment inside out, hand-wash cold OR gentle cycle in delicate’s bag, with like colors and fabrics. Mild detergent. No bleach. Dry flat or tumble dry cool in delicate’s bag.

Faceplant Dreams' Signature Fabric
50% cotton, 45% rayon from organically grown bamboo, 5% spandex. We start with a very luxurious fine yarn made from sustainably grown bamboo and mix it with cotton and knit it into a buttery soft delight. The finer the denier of the yarn, the softer the feel and the nicer it launders. We could reduce costs with a thicker yarn, but bigger isn't always better. The tiny details make all the difference and Faceplant Bamboo® Cotton is a luxury is worth its' weight in bamboo.

Unbelievable mid-weight sweatshirt fabric you never dreamed could be so buttery soft.

Moisture wicking, thermo-regulating, naturally odor resistant, and UV Protection of UPF 50+.

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Faceplant Bamboo Frida Jogger Pants

Faceplant Bamboo Frida Jogger Pants