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Crescent Moon Charm Bangle

VENDOR: Alex and Ani


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Channel intuition, growth, and change with this expandable wire charm bangle! Features a charm with a crescent moon and a crystal star, and the mantra "In harmony with the cycles of nature" on the back.

  • Expandable from 2" to 3.5"
  • Available finishes: Rafaelian Silver®, Rafaelian Gold®
  • Nickel-free
  • Adorned with small crystal star


      Glowing softly against the black sky, the moon reflects the light of the sun. Ruler of the water and a symbol of woman’s divine power, she controls the ebb and flow of the tides, cycles of change, and intuitive transformation. The moon is an eternal reminder that light is ever-present in our lives, and that to fully embrace it, we must trust the sacred power within ourselves.

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      Crescent Moon Charm Bangle

      Crescent Moon Charm Bangle