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Be Strong Gift Book

VENDOR: Compendium


Compiled by Dan Zadra and Kristel Wills

Designed and Illustrated by Jessica Phoenix

During difficult moments, hope can feel like a distant light. But you have everything you need for the journey, no matter how far the horizon may be. Inside this book is a collection of empowering quotes—to remind you of your resilience, to uplift your spirit, and to recognize your courageous heart. It’s filled with motivation to bravely face life’s obstacles, and keep your eyes set on the possibilities that lie on the other side of each challenge.

  • Offers a collection of quotes from Isabel Allende, Alice Walker, James Baldwin, and others to share strength and encouragement
  • A supportive gift for a friend or loved one in the midst of a job loss, life transition, family challenge, or challenging times
  • Features gold foil stamping on a hardcover and metallic inks throughout

Format: Hardcover
Size: 6"W x 6.375"H
Page Count: 64 Pages

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    Be Strong Gift Book

    Be Strong Gift Book