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2022 Attachelor Mini Attachment

VENDOR: Happy Everything


There hasn't been a reveal for this Mini Attachment since last year! Thanks to the dedication and votes from Happy Everything!™'s social media followers, this year's Attachelor Attachment is ready for its big moment! Each summer, their team of designers in Tallahassee, FL, digs deep into their happy place to create five brand-new attachment designs, which compete to go into the production the following year. Like The Bachelor, these pretty Attachments compete for votes, and each week, the attachment with the lowest number of votes is eliminated. We are pleased to introduce the winner of the seventh season of The Attachelor! Your votes identified the winner of the contest and the final attachment to join the 2023 product line!

Material: Ceramic with hook and loop
Dimensions: 9.8in L x 4in W
Care Instructions: Wipe clean, do not use soap

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2022 Attachelor Mini Attachment

2022 Attachelor Mini Attachment