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DAY by DAY Bracelet

VENDOR: My Saint My Hero


It takes 21 days to form a habit. This bracelet was designed as a tool for transformation, to break bad habits, and make new healthy habits. Habits change your way of being and alter the course of your life. May you be inspired to intentionally evaluate the habits in your life, and to start NOW on achieving your goals of transformation. Run your fingers over the 21 beads and be reminded each day of your goal. DAY by DAY, you are becoming the best version of YOU!


Product Description: 

|| Adjustable cording which ranges from 6" to 9.5" circumference

|| Each bracelet is handmade in Kampala, Uganda

|| Responsibly sourced materials

|| Silver-tone metal beads

|| Medals made in Italy

|| Each piece comes with an inspirational card

|| 4.5mm genuine Amazonite or Hematite beads

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DAY by DAY Bracelet

DAY by DAY Bracelet