Trends we are Taking With us in 2019!
The beginning of the year is always exciting because it's a fresh start. We can plan for the year with setting goals, having a positive outlook, and creating fashion trends! 2019 is going to be a great year.
The first trend that is seen all over the runways are sequins! The best part about fashion is there are no rules. If you aren't in love with sequins you can incorporate them in a unique way. Say you don't want to wear a full blown sequin dress, just add a sequin clutch or accessory that will still keep you on trend but in your own way!
Neutral Tones & Golden Tones
Monochromatic looks were a hit in 2018 and we are bringing that trend with us in 2019! Keep it simple with an all neutral look from head to toe. 
Prints & Patterns
From tie die to leopard print to even polka dots. Patterns are coming strong in 2019. Find your print for this year or mix and match. Have fun with fashion and step outside your comfort zone. 
Stay tuned for these trends to hit the store in 2019!
New year full of new trends!