Fall Favorites!


Faux Fur & Statement Pieces

Faux fur seems to be a trend that always comes back every year. We feel as if this is an item you can splurge on because you know it will never go out of style. Not only does it keep you warm in the cooler months but you look fab! 

Pop your favorite cardigan with some bling. Uno De 50 has the perfect statement necklaces. Handcrafted in Spain, and made with all Swarovski crystals. 

Layering up a couple bracelets are perfect for everyday. Why wear only one? In the fall/winter we are normally wearing thicker sweatshirts so you want to wear something that stands out. One might get lost, but two or three make a statement. 


Click Here for Ost Fur Cardigan

Click here for Uno De 50 necklace!

Click here for this Uno De 50 Bracelet!

Click here for this Uno De 50 Bracelet!