Denim, A Wardrobe Staple.

Denim throughout the years:

There is nothing like a well-fitting pair of jeans. Denim has been the hottest trend for years and this trend is not going anywhere. What goes around comes around especially in fashion. Keep your denim. Be prepared to whip out those mom jeans you had in the early 90's.

How to preserve your denim: Do not wash more than every 5-8 wears. The less you wash your denim the longer they will last. 

Three styles of denim that are wardrobe staples.

1. Well-fitted skinny jean. A skinny jean is so versatile and will be your most worn pair. In the fall/winter wear them with your favorite boots and in the summer throw them on with a tank and sandals. 


Here is our best selling skinny: 

Gia Glider Skinny Pull On

2.Try out a trend! Whatever the trend is for that season try it out. Whether it is a bell bottom, high waisted pair, or something with a little flare. 

Hottest trend right now is a high waisted denim. 


Here is our recommendation:

Hallie Black Denim 

3. Add a pop of color! Don't get me wrong, there is nothing like a nice blue jean but sometimes it is fun to switch it up. For fall, try out an olive pair or even a pop of burgundy.


Here is our recommendation:

Jay Olive Denim