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Pandora Jewelry - Celebrate your unforgettable moments with a visit to our new Pandora Shop. Explore the universe of Pandora Jewelry including bracelets, beads, earrings, rings and necklaces.Cara’s Boutique’s expert staff has been creating beautiful Pandora bracelets since 2003 and look forward to helping our guests personalize their own unforgettable moments.


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Brighton - Cara’s Boutique has been a Heart Store since 1999 with a large assortment of Brighton jewelry, handbags, small leathers, gifts, sunglasses and watches. Brighton charms and beads are the newest addition to the Brighton jewelry selection.


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Vera Bradley - Vera Bradley is an internationally - recognized company, known as a leading designer and manufacturer of smart and colorful handbags, accessories, travel items and eyewear. Being a Vera Bradley Platinum Store, Cara’s Boutique has a broad selection of styles and prints consistently available to our customers.


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Patricia Locke - Patricia Locke jewelry is handcrafted in sterling silver over pewter and employ a wide variety of semi-precious stones, Austrian crystals, beads and pearls. Patricia is renouned for her use of beautiful color in all of her jewelry designs.


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Tribal - Fashionable clothing at affordable prices! Tribal fits the modern woman’s lifestyle. Known for their fabulous fit in bottoms, Tribal also has great jackets, sweaters and tops.

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Bonn Bon's by Lori Bonn - A delicious assortment of beautiful silver and gemstone slides that let you create your own personal bracelet or necklace! Bonn Bon slides are so easy to switch  out that you can create a custom bracelet or necklace to match every outfit!



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Alex and Ani - Expandable bangles made from recycled metals are meant to be layered to express your own personality. Alex and Ani offers eco-friendly, positive energy products that adorn the body, enlighten the mind, and empower the spirit. 


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Switch Flops - Now you can be on the style. Match any outfit by simply changing the straps on your flip flops.


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Tyler Candles - Tyler Candles are known for their complex fragrances. They are part soy and give off a beautiful long lasting scent. 


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Crislu - Cubic zirconia stones that are fully faceted and cut to the exact specifications required for fine diamonds. Each stone is set by hand into platinum-finished sterling silver by a master diamond setter. 




Waxing Poetic -The designers, artists and craftspeople of Waxing Poetic offer personal, inventive, imaginative designs in sterling silver mixed metals and a variety of antique inspired fabrications.